Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Randos Love Guns!

Full disclosure, no fellow Randonneurs, rogue sheriffs or animals were harmed during this photo shoot!

It's a well known fact that all Randonneurs love guns. Those that don't, aren't true Randos. :)

So I tell wifey, "Hey, I need some photos of me biking with my AK." Wifey is just so used to the craziness, that nothing really phases her these days. So wifey asks, "Do you know of a place to do this?" I reply, "Yeah, I know this road where there are never cars out in farm country." Go figure, we go to do the photos and there were like six cars that went by and a couple rode by on their bikes within a 10 minute time span. Let's just say, that when they saw me, they got "the f*&k outta dodge" mighty quick! That 25 MPH speed limit turned into 55. Side note: after doing photos of me with the bike in the woods, I got poison ivy on my ankles, totally worth it though.

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