Friday, May 4, 2012

Finally! A Camera!

I finally decided on a camera and purchased a ContourRoam.

Here are some of the nice features: the camera is waterproof up to a meter for 30 minutes, supports recording HD video up to 30 fps (720 and 1080), auto photo mode (snaps a photo every 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds), has a mic, is light weight and can be mounted to my helmet. The camera is small enough that it can easily be mistaken for a helmet light. There is also a laser pointer that can be turned on to help with mounting the camera in the ideal location.

Another nice feature is there is only one external button on the camera, which is a slide button. When turning the camera on, it will automatically start recording or taking photos non-stop until it is turned off. Also, when the camera is turned on, it beeps once. When turned off, it beeps twice. This makes it so the user is fully aware if the camera’s state without having to look at it directly.

The not so great parts: when recording video, the quality is 11 MP; but when taking photos, the quality is only 5 MP. The camera settings can only be changed via a computer. There are literally no external buttons other than the ON\OFF slide button.

I picked this over the GoPro mainly because of the size difference. The GoPro isn’t like really massive, but it’s pretty big to wear on a helmet. You’d look like a space explorer ready to be an alien’s next meal in a Ridley Scott movie. The GoPro could be static mounted to like the handle bars or the frame, but then the camera would only face one way - so I would probably miss a lot of things during a long ride. If the camera was static mounted, it would probably make my bike a big target for theft. The GoPro does have better quality video, but I wanted something easily manageable on those really long day(s) in the saddle.

Hopefully, I’ll have some videos or pictures to post in the near future. 

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