Thursday, May 3, 2012


Last weekend I participated in “The Danville Express” fleche which consisted of traveling 255 miles from Danville, IL to Columbus, OH in a 3 man group under 24 hours. The weather conditions were not ideal, but we had a great time. I've been working on a summary that I will post later.

This Saturday is Calvin's Challenge which has become an annual ritual in our family. This year, instead of racing I am doing to be a pace doggy and a wind shield for my wife and Kevin so that they can attempt to get their personal best for mileage. Both are pretty motivated and determined to break their records. Anne is changing from a hybrid comfort bike to a Catrike Expedition. The other two guys I rode with on "The Danville Express" will also be there supporting other teams. A couple members of our regular CC crew couldn't make it this year due to injuries, so they will miss out on the always perfect riding weather!
This week I am not specifying a weight goal again because I’m doing Calvin’s Challenge. After the fleche, I was one lb under from the previous week. Next week was supposed to be an off week for me from ultra distance. My martial arts instructor has me about 85% convinced that I should participate in a tourney the following weekend, which will probably require a quick cut next week –sigh! So much for slow and steady. Please don’t call me next week, because I’ll be a miserable bloke during the cut (the memories of wrestling come to mind).

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